It's Our Nature at  River Glorious- A Luxury North Georgia Cabin Rental on Turniptown Creek in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ellijay Georgia

It's Our Nature at River Glorious- Turniptown Creek at Walnut Mountain in Ellijay  
Spectacular Riverfront Location!

Guest Comments

Guests' Reflections at River Glorious
Girls weekend to celebrate the B'days!  Love the house!  What a beautiful place to retire to.  Gracious, awesome place for us to connect, laugh and create memories.  The love in this home is spilled over to our group.
When I get to Heaven there will be a sign on the gate that reads River Glorious!  

As I search for words worthy of this breathtaking natural beauty, I find my thoughts and words being carried away by the rushing stream. River Glorious is such a lovely place to celebrate the beginning of our marriage.  The invigorating smell of pines and the forest, the strength of the North Georgia mountains and the everflowing mountain stream and cascades bring fresh possibilities to our spirits each day. Thank you  for providing such a lovely backdrop for living. I am eager to return soon to this place that reminds me of how real life and living can be.  Everything about River Glorius is enchanting and breathtaking.
Thanks for making our dream honeymoon come true.  Thanks so much for creating a little bit of heaven right here on earth!  The gorgeous cabin, the comforts and the luxuries, the beauty of the water and the mountains themselves make this place special. You only get one honeymoon in  lifetime and this was it! We will be back!

Another gorgeous day in Paradise!  This is God's country and we have a front row seat on the porch.  Wow!

We have been to many places and stayed in many cabin rentals but we all agree you have truly made this a beautiful home. We have noticed all the details and can see that you created a place that you love. The love shows in every special touch in this beautiful cabin. Thank you for the fine accommodations.  We all think that this is the best place we have stayed in yet! This cabin is an extraordinary retreat from the rest of the world and an incredible comfort for the bod, spirit and soul. We have to  come  back soon!  This cabin is totally first class.

Comfort mixed with elegance, love, beauty and the splendor of nature!  We fell in love with each other and life all over again!  River Glorious is a treasure.
It seems that you have considered every detail that would be needed to make your guests feel so welcome. You have an amazing cabin and we felt right at home here.

Many thanks for an awesome fly fishing experience. We're hooked! The beautiful scenery and gorgeous cabin with luxurious furnishings made this a wonderful, memorable and perfect trip.  A beautiful setting ... perfect weather ... the mountains ... the river ... the huge trees ... deer everywhere. A luxurious house ... 2 levels of wraparound porches for rocking and visiting ... every convenience at our fingertips.  Every effort was made to make us comfortable in such  a relaxing environment. Thanks for a memorable vacation!"

This was our 30th anniversary celebration which was a much needed rest and escape from the business of our lives. Everything was awesome and we appreciate all of the precious details. Your home is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us. Our first reaction to the cabin was, "Wow!" - And it only got better.  We wish we could live here.  We plan to return as often as we can!

My husband and I really enjoyed our stay.  Everything was very nice and luxurious:  the nature sounds, the sound of rushing water and the view.  The many items that you would normally have to bring are already here.  It just brought our romance closer.  We are returning soon.

Perfect in every way, thank you! A testament to the idea that life is in the details.Your cabin exceeded our expectations!

The fresh air, the mountain stream, the trees, the cabin is self-entertaining with all its splendor.  Thanks for all the amenities, the comfort of home with such warmth.  We hate to leave and have decided to make this an annual trip.  ©   ©   ©

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality.  The cabin is beautiful.  We couldn't ask for a finer place to stay.  We hope to return soon. What a beautiful Georgia Mountain Christmas. A lovely lodge in the midst of a beautiful creation made our stay so enjoyable. A great place for our family reunion!

This weekend has been one of the best. Spending time with my friends is all that I needed. We will be back very soon. We had a wonderful weekend at River Glorious. We are already planning our next trip. The house is beautiful!

Thanks for a wonderful Georgia Mountains getaway. We could not have picked a more suitable place for our honeymoon. Your cabin with the surroundings  was the perfect setting for us to begin our lives together.

The fishing was as great as the beautiful cabin!  Great fishing in beautiful scenery. Also we were amazed at seeing so many deer at the cabin. Besides getting in some much needed relaxation, we were completely amazed at the great trout fishing.    It really is a fisherman's paradise. Many thanks for a great  fly fishing experience. We're hooked on River Glorious.

What a perfect honeymoon spot! Our honeymoon in heaven. We had the best time hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and relaxing! The deck  is the perfect place to read in the afternoon or evening with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The hot tub makes the best bubbles and offers great relaxation.


The cabin was the perfect getaway.  It provided a time of relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation.  Thank you.

This weekend was extremely relaxing.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  This cabin is enormous and gorgeous.  We can't wait to return for the Apple Festival in October.  We loved sitting on the covered porch watching the rain.

Do you think there could ever be a person who doesnít like a river tumbling wild? This place is a dream come true.

©     ©   ©   ©

This house is gorgeous.  We wished we could have stayed here longer.  We had  great time and want to stay another day but we can't.  Somebody is checking in unfortunately.  We'll be back and plan more time.  What a thrill to find a new fishing spot!  

The house is beautiful and spacious.  The ambiance is awesome.  Loved everything!

The fly fishing was an incredible experience in the beauty of the Georgia Mountains and the luxurious comfort of the gorgeous cabin!

The kids really enjoyed playing in the water, fishing and watching the deer. What a perfect location for our family vacation. Our son caught his first fish ever in the stream."

What a luxury cabin!  We didn't expect such upgraded features, comfortable features and designer furnishings. We felt so pampered and relaxed in such an elegant natural setting. It's hard to leave after feeling so spoiled and pampered."

What a wonderful place to relax and get away from everything!! We loved it, it was totally awesome. We are all mothers who are here for a getaway weekend  without the husbands and kids and we had so such fun together as we escaped from our families.  We especially loved the quiet nights, relaxing in the hot tub, playing pool, watching chick flicks and the lovely fireplace. This is surely a home away from home.  In between girl talk and scrapbbooking, we enjoyed sitting out on the cascading stream and watching it flow noisily. Thank you for allowing us to stay here. We will be back for an annual event at River Glorious.  We love the warmth and beauty of the decor. We may even bring our husbands back for the trout fishing and our children to enjoy playing in the stream. The kids would love leaving out apples for the deer.

Thanks for creating a perfect environment for a relaxing family vacation. Our only regret is now we have to return to the real world after experiencing this beautiful cabin and surroundings.  This is Georgia, as we have never seen it, with all of God's beauty here.

Just a quick note to say that we've really enjoyed our stay at River Glorious. The cabin was unbelievably huge and very comfortable. The cabin looked amazing on the website and I was wondering if it would live up to the glory in person. It did! It was even better than I ever could have dreamed. The pictures on the website didn't do it justice. This cabin is even more awesome than any pictures could describe. You've got to experience it.

Our time together allowed time and space to renew our spirits, appreciate nature and make friends. For wild beauty, fresh mountain air, it is hard not to experience God's glory and presence as soon as you arrive.

 River Glorious offered us a serene, private, relaxing and unique environment for personal and professional growth.

What a surprise! Our imaginations didn't even come close to the wonderful experience of being here.

We couldn't have chosen a more perfect place to celebrate our parents' 50th anniversary! It was quiet, restful and just the perfect location to honor them amid all the beauty of the cabin and the beautiful Georgia Mountains.  Our special celebration of love and life was complete here.

Our group of 12 was at River Glorious for a retreat specializing in personal and spiritual growth and holistic health. River Glorious offered us a magical and healing place while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings in the Georgia Mountains. We plan to make this retreat an annual event at this incredibly beautiful, inspirational, sacred location.  This beautifully decorated cabin set the spirit for inspiration and healing. River Glorious is so perfect for individuals and groups who are seeking a great place to grow, express, play, and learn to contribute their best to a beautiful world. River Glorious is conducive to healing, learning, & outdoor fun. Every room has views of the great outdoors to enhance the natural interior atmosphere.  There are so many levels of decking where one can sit, meditate, practice yoga and enjoy and be part of the surrounding scenery and beauty of the Georgia Mountains. Magic and healing were naturally abundant in this place, a beautiful physical setting to support the inward journey.

Wow! What an amazing cabin! This is nothing like what I'm used to. When I was growing up, We had a cabin in the mountains but it was nothing like this. This place is a mountain mansion!

The kids loved the games room and my husband and I loved the hot tub. Thanks for an amazing experience. This has been the best family vacation we've had in years.

This is exactly what a Georgia mountain cabin should be! Cool, fresh air, a noisy running stream, and beautiful scenery! We love the rustic elegance!

I fell in love with River Glorious  the minute I walked in the door! The romantic bedrooms with the king beds, the moose picture, the exquisite decor, the furnishings, the screened porch, the hot tub, the pool table, the warmth and love in the cabin, the creek gurgling, the stars, the fresh mountain air, the wildlife, awesome! This has been the most peaceful vacation we've ever had - truly a bit of heaven on earth. We hiked, fished and explored.

What an absolutely lovely mountain retreat you have! With all your personal touches and designer decor, we felt so pampered. Thank you so much for sharing your home, your mountains and river, and your personal warmth.

You have redefined the phrase "Raise the bar". We had a wonderful romantic anniversary celebration. We will be back for next year's anniversary. Everything was perfect!

This beautiful oasis in today's hectic world is blessed with an abundance of gorgeous mountain days, star-filled skies at night and many opportunities to enjoy numerous mountain activities and sightseeing. But most of all we were perfectly content to relax in the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the North Georgia Mountains. It was just the right balance of peace and quiet and outdoor activities to restore our weary souls.  We are returning home refreshed and rejuvenated.

Lovely, decadent, upscale, relaxing, rejuvenating!  Wow! Our expectations were exceeded with all of the comforts and special touches of this huge cabin. We've never stayed in such a grand cabin the size of River Glorious.  It reminded us of Dream House on HGTV! Everything was complete perfection.  The beds were so comfortable,  the decor was just as beautiful as the outdoor scenery, the hot tub was so relaxing and warmed us on the cold days, the kitchen was so well equipped, and the jacuzzi bathtub was spectacular. The only thing rustic about River Glorious was the outdoors. Deer frequently visited  the property on a regular basis.  Enjoying the deer sightings (we left out apples) added to our delightful experience. The scenery, the music of the water, the peace, the comforts, all the extra special touches, and quiet were just what we needed. Thereís no place in Florida like this and we already canít wait to come back! Orlando, Florida

This was the most amazing, beautiful and comfortable venue for our annual corporate board retreat.  With only a short drive from Atlanta, this Georgia mountain lodge was the perfect setting for a productive, team-building, imaginative meeting with our board of directors. Vision was created and a plan of action was accomplished in this inspiring, quiet, restful and beautiful environment.  Recreational time was spent in the therapeutic hot tub, fly fishing, playing pool, whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River and just sitting on the deck enjoying the serenity and beauty of Turniptown Creek and its surroundings.  We enjoyed preparing lunch and breakfast in the well appointed kitchen and then enjoyed excellent catered dinners. We plan to return yearly for our annual planning retreat as we have found the perfect venue for inspiration, creativity and thinking so close to home.

Thanks for providing us with all the comforts of home and the extra luxuries that made us feel so pampered. It began to feel like the cabin was our home away from home!  We fell asleep each night to the relaxing sounds of the stream rushing past the cabin and woke up feeling rested and ready for another day of sightseeing and antique shopping in the Georgia Mountains.

Sometimes you donít realize how much you need a vacation until you are on your vacation or the blessings you receive when gathering with friends. River Glorious offered a homey, inviting, warm, comfortable atmosphere to relaxand visit. Owning a log cabin like this has become a dream for everybody. We loved the daily visits from the deer!

This log cabin is like something out of a dream.

What a perfect location for our prayer group's retreat. The cabin was so comfortable for our group of 10 ladies. We spent much time in prayer and Bible study in this most glorious mountain location. We were so close to God in this location so inspired by God's glorious creation. River Glorious is a quiet place of reflection where one can feel close to God for spiritual growth.

I really needed a vacation with privacy, pampering and relaxation. I never imagined I could find someplace as incredible as this cabin. Beautiful surroundings, secluded location, wonderful amenities like 2 fireplaces, a Jacuzzi, a hot tub especially made this a wonderful trip. We've never stayed in a cabin rental that had built in wine cooler.  That just adds to the exquisite details.  This is not a cabin.  It's a luxurious mansion with heart!  I am refreshed and relaxed.  

River Glorious was first class all the way. We really didn't expect the cabin to be decorated so beautifully with designer touches.  This really is the most romantic getaway in the North Georgia Mountains.  The website didn't even begin to present the awesome beauty of God's creation and your creation in the special touches that made our getaway so special. We couldn't believe how many deer visited us.  

You have created something especially beautiful and unique here and have thought of everything. All the ingredients for a perfectly orchestrated vacation were at the cabin: relaxation, solitude, and contemplation.

We really could not have dreamed of a more special place for our honeymoon. We have felt so far removed from the world these few days and have been able to focus on each other, and our marriage, and our future. Thank you for your cabin filled with love that touched our hearts.

What a perfect place to make all my birthday wishes to come true with perfect times in the Georgia Mountains and the perfect setting with the perfect lovely cabin.  It is very seldom that reality supersedes my imagination but this is it.  I plan to return again to make all my future birthday wishes come true.

Thank you for all the love that's obviously gone into making our dreams for a great vacation come true. The surroundings inside and out are a wonderful respite. We're leaving feeling happy and refreshed.

Our best vacation ever!  Our kids really loved fishing and playing in the water.  We loved relaxing in the hot tub.  The cabin was huge with plenty of room to spread out.   Three levels of all kinds of room! The kids loved the pool table and foosball and enjoyed having their own TV to watch in the great room downstairs.  All in all, there was so much to do on our family vacation. The kids were never bored. The beds were so comfortable and the kitchen was well equipped.  Everything is so clean, so new and so modern! In all our family vacations, we've never stayed in any place so fine and beautiful.

As soon as we walked into the cabin we knew we were in for a very special treat. Inviting, beautifully furnished, secluded, comfortable and spotless! It's a beautiful home and it turned a good vacation into a perfect vacation. Thanks for sharing your dream cabin.  It looks like a cabin out of Southern Living!

This is a really beautiful location in the winter.  We can't wait to return in the summer to experience cooling off in the small waterfalls.  What a beautiful home with all the amenities and more!  

We really enjoyed our week at the cabin. We miss having the cool crisp mountain air in Florida so a trip to the North Georgia Mountains is a special getaway.. It is a long drive from Orlando but it is worth the time it takes to get here. We definitely plan on returning again as soon as we can make the trip. Thanks for the great memories.  We were refreshed spending hours fishing and sitting by the cascading waterfalls and enjoying the surrounding beauty.

For work I've traveled and stayed in some of the finest hotels in the country but I'd much rather be here! Everything was comfortable, well thought out, and just basically perfect. I look forward to making this an annual trip and to sending others. I have found paradise in the peace of the North Georgia Mountains.

Who would have thought that wewould find paradise so close to home? This was the perfect getawayÖa chance to really appreciate the finer things in life like solitude, wildlife including the deer and the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains and the beauty and sounds of the stream.

Your hospitality overwhelms us. Your cabin is beautiful and the thoughtfulness of the things you have provided for us can not possibly be fully experienced in just a few nights.  Thank you for your splendid and creative decor, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail.

We didnít know heaven was so close.

This was our wonderful opportunity to stop the hustle and bustle in our life and reflect on each other. It was a time in our life to pray over some major decisions in the quietude and beauty of the North Georgia Mountains.

Thank you so much for letting us stay in your beautiful home.  It is perfect for getting away from the stresses of everyday life.  The surroundings and natural beauty are everywhere you turn.  Our church youth group enjoyed theirb time here and whatewater rafting on the Ocoee River.  Thank you so much for your generosity.  God Bless!  The First United Methodist Youth Group

I had a wonderful time with my husband and family.  This is a great cabin and mountain experience with beautiful surroundings.  Thanks for the special time we all had together.  Thank you for sharing such a beautiful setting with us.  It was so relaxing to sit and listen ot the soothing sounds of the water.

God's hands must have been very busy when he created such a beautiful place. Every single rock, giant tree, the cascading creek are put together perfectly. The cabin is awesome with beautiful decor and furnishings and all modern conveniences. The numerous windows let the outdoors into every room.

This beautiful log cabin was everything we'd hoped for and then some. The peace and solitude, the amazing natural setting, and the hot tub! This was just what  what we needed. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome place and for taking care of all the details that helped make our stay here special.

We were speechless to see how beautiful your cabin is.  We don't consider this a cabin.  It is a mansion!  Thank you for the use of your cabin. We enjoyed the sweet energy and spirit that you have created in this beautiful space. I hope that when you come back and stay in your beautiful cabin yourself you could feel the gratitude of our family. We leave our gratitude and love here for you.

Thank you for this exceptionally gorgeous spirtual retreat. We both fell in love with the beautiful lodge and each other again! Your generosity to share such a place touches so many lives. Hopefully it brings everyone back to what is important, being connected. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! And we really appreciated how clean this cabin is!

The attention to details is wonderful. The breathtaking views from both the cabin and the deck are unbelievable.

Itís a rare moment in life when dreams become reality, but thatís what happened when we walked through the front door at this incredible log cabin. We have dreamed for years about the perfect cabin we are going to  build as a retreat someday. At River Glorious we found that perfect log cabin. The craftmanship, design, woodworking, decor, attention to detail, furnishings, amenties, location right on Turniptown Creek, fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling windows:  not a comfort overlooked.

Thank you for your accurate description of the accommodations. However, the cabin, accommodations, beauty and luxury exceed your description.

Thanks to you for sharing this special place with us. Thank you also for having all the special details taken care of that were necessary to fully relax and enjoy. You have done a wonderful job  making  guests staying at the cabin feel pampered with luxury.

Thank you so much for your warmth, hospitality, and attention to details. We enjoyed the feel of this cabin, the sense of calm, and we are really impressed with the decor and style you have all brought to to the cabin.

How lucky you are to have such a gorgeous cabin!  We're a busy family of 8 and wanted an awesome family vacation and we got it! Your luxury cabin stood out as we explored the numerous cabins online! Yours was the one! We weren't disappointed at all when wearrived. The cabin was more than awesome!  You made this an experience we won't ever forget.

This was our dream Christmas vacation and we couldn't have picked a more perfect cabin to rent. We loved the setting and the cabin is gorgeous!  Perfect for our pre-Christmas trip.  We even had a light dusting of snow.

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Down the mountain the river flows
And it brings refreshing wherever it goes
Through the valleys and over the fields
The river is rushing and the river is here

The river of God sets our feet a-dancing
The river of God fills our hearts with cheer
The river of God
Fills our mouths with laughter
And we rejoice for the river is here

The river of God is teeming with life
And all who touch it can be revived
And those who linger on this river's shore
Will come back thirsting for more of the Lord

Up to the mountain we love to go
To find the presence of the Lord
Along the banks of the river we run
We dance with laughter
Giving praise to the Son
- Andy Park, Mercy/Vineyard Publishing


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